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Basic American values like equality and fairness are personal to military families, because our loved ones volunteered to defend them.

Unfortunately, these ideals are under attack these days: whether breaking faith with transgender service members, cutting social safety net programs that military families depend on, or undermining a healthcare law that has dramatically reduced uninsurance among veteran families and civilians alike, decisions being made in Washington affect our families — but don’t reflect our values. Worse, the elected officials making these decisions are increasingly using patriotism as a political wedge, purporting to speak for all military families whether we agree with them or not.

Military Families Mobilize is a nonprofit founded by two Navy spouses, with support from fellow military family members, to show the Trump Administration and their allies they don’t speak for us. We know firsthand that frequent moves make it difficult for progressive military families to connect, much less get involved in the issues they care about. That’s why our mission is to provide a home for progressive military family members: active duty, reserve, National Guard, and veteran spouses, siblings and kids. We’re building this network from the grassroots up, connecting military families at the local level and organizing them to take action around progressive values like economic fairness, equality, access to democracy, and affordable, quality healthcare and education.

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Address: PO Box 15847, Washington, D.C. 20003